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    Blackline Pack Green + Fumbee grey

    Ultra comfortable Manduca baby carrier with a chic and trendy colour for this Blackline Green model.

    The plus: 2 SMOKED shoulder straps protectors, ideal for:

    - Protect the straps of your baby carrier

    - Very gentle on contact with Baby's skin

    - This avoids washing the whole baby carrier, as babies love to make their teeth on the straps

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    At home within about 22 days.

    Contenu du pack

    The Manduca Baby carrier allows your baby to be in a natural and comfortable position.
    Also relieves the wearer's back.

    Made of organic cotton 100%.

    Made in Europe.

    The green Manduca Blackline baby carrier accompanies you from the first weeks (minimum weight 3.5kg) up to about 20kg.

    For children from 0 to 6 years old,

    pictoIt is Ergonomic

    pictoManduca is Multi-Position (belly, hip and back.)

    pictoIt is Light ( only 600g!)

    pictoThe Manduca baby carrier is comfortable and adjustable

    Designed in collaboration with baby sling consultants in Germany, the ergonomic Manduca baby carrier ideally combines the advantages of slings with the simplicity and safety of a baby carrier.

    With Manduca, the child's weight is distributed evenly over the hips, which prevents back fatigue.

    On this baby carrier, well padded straps can be adjusted, the rounded waist belt that allows it to be fixed both on the hips and on the waist of the carrier is largely adjustable and provided with a three-point closure to prevent accidental opening. (adjustable on the waist up to about 145 cm).

    A hood, cleverly adjustable by the carrier of the baby carrier, even when baby falls asleep on his back, supports the head, when it is rolled up, it serves as a head support for the awake child.
    The well-designed shape of the Manduca baby carrier ensures a froggy leg position and allows the baby to round his back when he falls asleep. The length of the back is also adjustable.

    For toddlers, a special panty integrated into the baby carrier has been designed to avoid forcing the little legs wide apart. The legs are well padded under the child's thighs, which prevents tingling in older children.


    Machine washable at 30°C with a mild detergent.

    Do not use a tumble dryer or bleach.


    Always be sure to fasten the lap belt before placing your child in the Manduca.

    Never open the Manduca while your child is sitting in it.


    The outer material is made of 100% organic cotton, which is particularly resistant to wear and tear. Lining: 100% organic cotton Duraflex safety buckles, high quality foam, nickel-free zippers and YKK snap fasteners. Washable at 30° C.

    Protection for shoulder strap of your baby carrier. 

    It is a very useful protection, so it avoid your baby to  put in his mouth the shoulder strap so you don't have to clean all the baby carrier, only the  protection. 

    It is soft, pleasant to touch

    logo manduca

    Protection for the straps of your baby carrier.

    Colour: Grey

    Very practical because it avoids washing the whole baby carrier. Babies love to make their teeth on the straps of baby carriers!

    The Fumbee shoulder strap protector is easy to install.

    Made of organic cotton velvet, it is very soft for contact with Baby's skin. The Fumbee shoulder strap protector is a Manduca product.

    COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton - Sold in packs of 2.